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  • netPump Data is a delivery technology service that can be used to upload/download and transfer any binary file (small to large files, directories and sub-directories) over a private or public network.
  • an accelerated binary data transfer technology, it is agnostic to data, router or relay server type.
  • is built on MS .NET and offers GUI and a command line interfaces.
  • both interfaces operate on the netPump service which can be loaded automatically on boot, or initiated manually.
  • the netPump service is installed on each machine which will be a sender and/or a receiver of files. A netPump service can act as both a sender and a receiver of files.
  • when a user requests the transfer of files, it is represented as a session. When a 'start transfer' request is created, a unique session ID (GUID identifier) representing the session will be returned in the response. After the session has been created, the user can use the session ID to retrieve further information about the session in progress or to pause/resume a session.
  • multiple sessions can run in parallel.
  • Remotely manage transfers between two or more machines (via a remote device) without requiring any additional data transfers.


netPump Data

Features of netPump for Data and Infrastructure

Speed - increases the speed of data delivery and increases network efficiency - reduces the time taken to download a database or photos, load a complex web page or complete data transfers. 

Wide deployment capability - can be deployed at any level from infrastructure, to CDN or Cloud, to mobile device, serially or in parallel.

Intelligent Network Management - intelligent network metrics at the Client device.

Moves more data - per second as the connection speed increases.

File integrity - delivers the original source file with no impact on quality or integrity.

Reduces access congestion - allowing delivery of the same file to more users simultaneously.

Security - available with up to 2048 bit encryption and can operate in addition to existing cryptographic protocols, such as AES 128 SSL Layer 2/TLS via HTTPS; and requires a new decryption key to individually decrypt each Data segment as every Data segment is individually encrypted when employing netPumps up to 2048 bit encryption plug-in.






































Data Benefits



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