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netPump Overview

netPump for Video Streaming

netPump is available for accelerated video delivery with optional lossless compression on the industry standard TS video format (HLS, IIS and HDS). netPump is technology agnostic, compatible with all video players and codecs and DRM technologies, intelligent caching, can stream multiple videos fed from a single connection and delivers increased quality of user experience, less streaming congestion and lower streaming delivery cost.

netPump for Data & Infrastructure

netPump is a data delivery technology service that can be used to upload, download and transfer any binary file (small to large files, directories and sub-directories) over a private or public network. netPump Data provides intelligent network metrics at the Client device, can run multiple sessions in parallel, remotely manage data transfers between two or more machines and allows the continuation of disrupted or paused transfers from point of interruption, without the need to start the transfer again. netPump data delivers increased profitability, network optimisation, increased data transfer speeds (uploads and downloads) and security (AES 128 SSL Layer 2/TLS with additional 2048-bit encryption plugin).

netPump for Defence & Security

netPump has broad application across a range of defence, security and analytical tasks, from command communications through to technologies for the theatre of operation. Deploying netPump offers practical and operational efficiencies in addition to customisable solutions, like discreet access to layered information embedded within a data flow. netPump allows data to be transferred more quickly, reliably and efficiently especially in areas accessing high latency networks. The data transmission method and its segmenting of data gives an additional level of security to the standard SSL Layer2/TLS security technology and also has a plug-in providing up to 2048bit encryption before, during and after transmission across the network.

Key areas for netPump

netPump has a broad application for both enterprise and consumer markets with four key areas: Video Streaming (Business & Consumer), Data (Business & Consumer), Infrastructure (Big Data & Infrastructure) and Defence (Security & Military).

Business Benefits

netPump is a lower cost solution that immediately increases profitability, increased business productivity, easy deployment and improved customer quality of experience and retention.


netPump is a proprietary innovative data transmission method for sending data including video over the internet (TCP) which uniquely combines individual available offerings of data acceleration, lossless compression, intelligent caching and network optimisation in one.

Unlike other acceleration competitors in the market that require expensive server infrastructure, netPump can be sent over a standard TCP/IP internet connection (not UDP) using existing IT infrastructure therefore offering netPump customers a lower cost solution, delivering immediate cost savings with superior customer outcomes.

Note: netPump is complimentary to network optimisation software, application performance management software, software defined networking (SDN) and SD-WAN offerings and improves their efficiencies.


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