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netPump is an innovative data transmission and video streaming technology which enables up to 50% more data per second throughput through a standard TCP/IP network. Accelerated delivery speeds of up to 10 times are possible on high latency networks for both uploading and downloading of data over a standard internet connection (TCP/IP) whilst using 50% less CPU.

netPump uses a unique multithreading process for the manipulation of concurrent parallel threads (up to 20) which enables accelerated delivery, automatically accesses latent capacity and optimises performance across multiple levels of a network on existing information technology infrastructure. netPump can be deployed over cloud, wireless, network infrastructure with or without content delivery networks (CDNs), satellite, submarine communications and mobile devices.

netPump does not require proprietary hardware, it is a solely software solution and may be used on open or closed networks.





netPump has a broad application for both enterprise and consumer markets with four key areas:

Key Areas



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